Auto Unlock's Customer Testimonials

"Just for the record, this guy was awesome! He took excellent care of me, my car, and made the whole process (dare I say it) fun. I don't wish the misfortune of locking keys in the car on anyone, but should it happen to you calling Auto Unlock in the way to go!" Jess P.
- Pullman, WA
"Auto Unlock (Michael Walker) is the company you want to rescue you when you lock your keys in your car or truck in Spokane, WA. Imagine your truck in the parking lot of the Red Lion Inn at the Park on the snowiest of seasons. You've just cleared the vehicle of snow and ice and you realize that your keys are safely (and hopelessly) locked inside your truck, and it's running (and warm)!

Now imagine tow companies telling you that your wait is anywhere from two hours to Tuesday and it's a Sunday besides. Even on a Sunday, Michael was there within 15 minutes, fresh from having rescued a member of the Air Force who was in a similar situation earlier in the morning. He will bill your insurance company directly if you have service.

In Dec. 2008, the cost to the insurance company was a reasonable $50. His advertised cash charge is $35. For his courtesy and good nature, he's also deserving of some McDonald's coffee (his preference over Starbucks). So here's hoping that I have his last name correct. If it's not "Walker" then perhaps we can be forgiven because he was the "Texas Ranger" we needed that day. The business is most definitely "Auto Unlock" and I can't recommend it more. A hardy thank you to the friendly Red Lion staff who assisted us with finding help." Keith G.
- Bellevue, WA
"I was on a road trip from San Francisco to the Pacific Northwest and got myself in a bit of a pickle. When I rolled down the window to accept a ticket from a cop my window wouldn't roll back up. My mom and I had to drive to Spokane an hour away with the window down.

Unfortunately it was Sunday the next day and everything was closed. I turned to yelp to try to find an open shop and luckily found Michael. His specializes in unlocking cars but said that he could help me out anyway.

He set to work like a pro, fitting pieces, undoing and putting back together. All the while carrying on pleasant conversation about his family and bluegrass music. He also took me through the steps so that I would feel secure about what he was doing. After he had fixed the window I wished we could hang out a little more, Ha-ha! I was expecting a hassle but instead made a new friend. Thanks again Michael! Briget S."
- San Francisco, CA
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